The next step in urban Transfarmation

A self-sufficient farm

Floating Farm is a self-sufficient floating farm. We produce day-fresh dairy products, using animal-friendly and sustainable methods. The production is circular: the nutrient, energy and water cycles are closed as much as possible, in order to restore minerals and other nutrients. Cities in delta areas that have a strategic location, where waterways flow deep into the city centre, are particularly appropriate for our floating high-tech solution.

Learning from technology and from each other

Floating Farm is, in addition to a commercial manufacturing company, an important education hub with respect to innovative techniques and urban agriculture, particularly for pupils, students and the business circuit. Moreover, there is opportunity for scientific research on various parts of our concept, like feed production, residue processing, reduction and generation of energy and the production of potable water and recycling.

The consumer and Floating Farm

In addition to providing a valuable floating platform that can function as an alternative for the scarce availability of land both within our country and outside of it, Floating Farm produces and retails day-fresh food that runs through a closed cycle and ends up at the consumer. This causes almost no waste streams, reduces the length of the logistics chain and enables the consumer to become familiar with healthy, day-fresh products.


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