For now only in Rotterdam


Why Rotterdam?

The first Floating Farm is located in Rotterdam, because it is a very important delta city that is internationally renowned for her enormous harbour and logistic capabilities. Important tasks of the harbour are the storage of general cargo and containers, the processing of raw materials like oil and the transhipment and processing of agricultural products. Yet, with global developments in energy production and processing, 3D Printing and IT, Rotterdam can no longer exclusively be dependent on its harbour. For this reason, Rotterdam focuses on her long-term goals, with three important spearheads: Logistics (harbour), Medical (Erasmus Medical Centre) and Nutrition. Cases like ‘Cleantech’, ‘Building with Nature’ and the ‘Circular Economy’ are paramount.

The city faces the challenge to transform the old, abandoned and polluted harbour districts into a lively, clean working and living environment, where self-sufficient communities can develop on small scale. Thanks to her abundant knowledge about the logistics of food transhipment, Rotterdam offers a logical addition to stimulate the local and smart food production by close cooperation with entrepreneurs, city residents, knowledge institutions and the city surroundings.

Floating Farm has secured a spot in the Merwe4Haven. This is an old city harbour in transition. Merwe4Haven is located among the residential areas Delfshaven, Spangen and Schiedam, shops and educational facilities. The harbour is easily accessible by highway (A20) and waterway (De Maas and De Schie). Logistic accessibility by waterway is appealing for the transport of feed, livestock and manure to Middle Delfland by boat. Floating Farm connects Rotterdam to the agricultural periphery in a truly innovative way.


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