Our cows

The Floating Farm cow breed is Montbéliarde. These robust cows produce good milk and generally almost have no health issues. On average, a cow can produce 25 litres of milk a day. The cows are milked by robot, which means that they are milked at their discretion. This ensures optimal comfort and prevents stress in the milking barn. Additionally, the cows can choose to graze on the Floating Farm or on the mainland.

The milk cow’s daily diet consists of grass that is produced on our own floating platform and of residue commodities from the city. We have contacts at bakeries, potato processing plants and breweries. Additionally, we import hay from the North Kethel polder, north or Rotterdam. To guarantee that the feed is of high quality and contains all the necessary nutrients, the ration is carefully analysed in close cooperation with Cargill in Rotterdam. Floating Farm aims to use a minimum amount of medicine. Should a cow get sick, a veterinarian composes a treatment plan to cure the cow by delivering targeted medication as soon as possible.

During the first 6 weeks of their lives, calves are held singular so they can be cared for individually and the risk of disease transmission can be minimised. After 6 weeks, once they are no longer dependent on their mother’s milk, the young cattle is relocated to our own stretch of land in the North Kethel polder. Here they can graze in the fields day and night and are sheltered from wind and rain.

Once the animals are almost ready to deliver their first calf they return to the Floating Farm to continue their lives as milk cows.


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