Cities are increasingly seeking for new opportunities to produce food in the city. We call this Transfarmation.

A litre of milk a day

A global issue

Producing food for a growing world population that is becoming increasingly wealthy, is developing into a bigger challenge by the day. There is continuously less arable land available. The ever-growing metropolises, which are a result of the enormous demand for city residences, cause an increasing gap between the inhabitants and agriculture.

Knowledge of healthy food and food production is decreasing, while the logistics chain is increasing in length. As time goes by, we recognise this rising trend.


On the Floating Farm we produce and convert fresh milk into healthy dairy products consumable for people of all ages, and close to the target group of city residents.

In addition to our fresh products, we provide maximum opportunity for education and research. We welcome students from all grades and others interested for a tour and experiments. The Floating Farm is a transparent farm that is floating on top of the water, where visitors can see the cows and become familiar with the processes that take place on the farm.