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Completed end 2017

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The world population is growing very fast. Especially in Asia and Africa. The demand for food will grow automatically with the growth of the population and the increasing welfare. More and more people are able to buy food. The big question is actually how and where are we going to produce this food and how healthy is the food we are massively need to produce. On the other hand we know that there are still one billion people that suffer from malnutricies food.
Food production for a growing world population is an immense challenge. The number of arable land is decreasing whilst cities are growing to coop with the demand for housing. Citizens are literally on more and more distance from the agriculture places.
Knowledge on healthy food production is decreasing and the logistics are increasing.


Floating Farm is producing and handling fresh milk very close to the consumers in the city to fresh dairy products. We reduce the transport and logistics and save the environment with greenhouse gasses.
Besides our daily dairy production we emphasize the education on healthy food to children and all visitors. Children and students are welcome for guided tours. Our Floating Farm is a transparent farm on the water where visitor can view the entire process of milk handling, animal welfare and our high-tech robotics.


Floating Farm has several partners. Growing cities are interested in our concept of local healthy foodproduction close to consumers. Entrepreneurs who are interested to run a sustainable, floating farm are welcome to contact us, we have Franchising concepts ready to discuss. Also technology suppliers who wants to contribute to optimize production in a sustainable way are welcome to contact us.
our first Floating Farm will be in the port of Rotterdam, close to the boarder of Schiedam. As of June 2016 you are welcome to monitor the progress of construction.


Floating Farm is a stable  production farm where we produce daily fresh dairy products, but also a high-tech living lab where we research with several technology partners a better food production process, waste  and water treatment. We are actively research the production of Fodder for the cows and research the treatment of urine (nutrients) and manure to other products or energy-production.

We are a true living laboratorium , very transparent to visitors where research companies and universities are welcome to test and experiment on sustainable, self-sufficient dairy farm production. We encourage partners to help create better products and a better, cleaner, healthier world. As soon as products have reached the approval quality status we will apply these at the farm.


Floating Farm is a cooperation of 3 existing (knowledgeable) companies. These are: Courage, the innovation institute of the Dutch Agriculture and Dairy sector, Uit Je Eigen Stad, the national frontrunner on City farming and Beladon, the leading Dutch company on floating concepts. Our non-executive board consist of mrs. Meiny Prins, CEO of international industrial automation company Priva and mr. Alexander van der Lely, CEO of Lely, the international leading company on agriculture machines.


The power of healthy food is obvious. We know that many parts of the world still suffer of malnutricies food. Especially children are the victim in their growing process. With our Floating Farm we can produces nutricies dairy products close to consumers in all cities that are in the proximity of water. We can train and educate local staff to operate the farm. By producing and selling day fresh food close to the consumers we reduce the logistic chain immense.